How To Protect Your Home Against The Most Common Burglary Entrance Methods

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How To Protect Your Home Against The Most Common Burglary Entrance Methods

How To Protect Your Home Against The Most Common Burglary Entrance Methods

19 April 2016
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Eighty percent of burglars gain entry into a home by way of the front or back door, or first floor window. As a homeowner or renter, it is important to be aware of these statistics so you can take the necessary preventative measures to protect your home, family, and any valuables you keep in your home. Here is some information you can use to help protect your home from a potential burglary where the burglar enters through a door or window.

Front, Side, and Back Doors

Although your home's front door is a burglar's first choice of entry into your home, as many as two-thirds of burglars use a door that you have left unlocked to get into your home. You don't want to leave your front door unlocked to give a burglar easy access, even when you are home. Make an easy upgrade to your front door by making sure you have a few extra security features. If you have a side or back door, add these extra security features to these entrances to further protect your home. 

First, make sure your front, side, and back doors each have a working deadbolt lock that you can secure while you are home and when you leave your home. This requires the deadbolt to work on a key from the outside. Having this type of extra security can also prevent break-ins while you are at home, as 28 percent of burglaries in the past have occurred when someone was home. Then, seven percent of these burglaries resulted in the household member at home experiencing violence from the burglar.

Another safety measure to add extra security to your front, side, and back doors is to replace the screws holding your door's strike plate with two or three-inch long screws. Most typical strike plates are installed using only one-inch long screws. Using longer screws can help prevent burglars from kicking in your door to gain access into your home.


Just as an unlocked door is an easy way for a burglar to gain access into your home, an unlocked window makes a burglar's task easy as well. For this reason, be sure to close and lock all first floor windows, especially when you leave your home. Then, when you are home, you can choose to open any second story windows in your home. A second story window is more difficult for a burglar to use to gain entry into your home.

Next, be sure to keep bushes and vegetation trimmed away from your home's windows. Vegetation around first story windows can provide cover and a hiding place for a burglar while they try to get into your home. They can also use any vegetation in front of your home's windows as cover while they peek through your windows to case out your home for a future burglary. 

If a burglar looks through your home's windows at night to see if anyone is home before trying to break into your home, make your home looks lived in, even while you are not at home. You can set up on a timer one or two lights inside your home to turn on and off throughout the evening. You can also set a fake television on a timer in one room of your house to turn on in the evening. This fake television uses bright LED lights to illuminate a dark room in your home with flickering, changing images, just as a real television would look, but without the same amount of electricity use.

Use this information to help protect your home from burglaries through these common points of entry. For more tips, contact a company like Oversight Security

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