Maintain Your Gun Safe For A Lifelong Investment

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Maintain Your Gun Safe For A Lifelong Investment

Maintain Your Gun Safe For A Lifelong Investment

22 June 2016
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Owning a rifle or handgun can be a great way to defend your home, give you peace of mind, practice the sport of shooting, or even put food on the table for your family. If you're looking at purchasing your first gun or to expand your collection, you should be aware that owning a firearm is a big responsibility and figuring out how to safely store your guns is of utmost importance. While there are many different ways to secure guns in your home, one of the most tried-and-true methods is a simple gun safe. However, the safe, just like the guns it holds, must be properly maintained and cared for if you want it, and the guns it holds, to last. Read on to find out what you can do to maintain your gun safe to make it last a lifetime.

Clean it Monthly

You may not notice it, but your safe will collect dirt, dust, and other grime as it sits, regardless of where you've stored it. The tiny particles that collect on your safe over time may not seem like much, but as they build up, they can ruin the finish on the safe and invite rust and corrosion to the exterior -- tarnishing the look of your safe and weakening the integrity of the structure.

Luckily, with very little preventative work, you can keep your safe clean and avoid any problems. Once a month (or more, if your safe is in a spot where it gets dirty more often), take a cloth that's non-abrasive and use dish soap and water to gently wipe down the exterior of your safe, including the lock itself, hinges, bolts, and the handle. Use a second cloth to dry the safe, and you're done. Avoid using more abrasive cleaners like metal polishes and cleaners, as they can strip away the finish on your safe.

Inspect, Oil, and Service it Once a Year

Your safe is more than just a block of metal -- it has various moving parts that need to be cared for. At least once a year (or more often, if you notice the bolts sticking), grease the fronts and bottoms of the bolts and the sides, tops, and bottoms of the hinges to keep the safe opening and closing smoothly. While you have the safe open, inspect the fire seal (the small black strip around the front of the safe opening that looks like weather stripping). If the seal is cracked, ripped, or otherwise damaged, have it replaced as soon as possible. It's also a good idea to have a locksmith come out to inspect and service the lock every year. Doing all of these at the same time each year will help keep your safe maintenance simple.

Keep Humidity out of it

The above steps will help make sure that your safe is in good working condition, but having a good gun safe will do you no good if the guns inside are rusty and ruined by moisture trapped inside. Even if you live in a dry climate, the tight, secure confines of a safe can trap moisture inside and destroy your firearms. To prevent this, invest in a safe dehumidifier that will pull the moisture from the air inside the safe, making it dry and ideal for your guns. A less expensive option is to purchase silica packets online (the kind you find in packs of beef jerky) and store them in the safe. They will soak up and store the moisture in the safe, so they shouldn't be touching the guns as the moisture inside them will corrode the metal.

A gun safe is a great way to protect your firearms and keep them out of the wrong hands. By implementing a few small preventative measures, you can make your investment last a lifetime. For more information on safe maintenance, contact a company like A-AAA Locksmiths, LLC.

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