Duties That Security Officers Fulfill While Working At A Casino

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Duties That Security Officers Fulfill While Working At A Casino

Duties That Security Officers Fulfill While Working At A Casino

12 May 2017
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As patrons enjoy a night out at the casino, a dedicated team of security officers is performing a number of duties to prevent criminal actions. If you have experience in security and are interested in a new challenge, you might be interested to apply for security jobs in casinos. Casinos typically have large security forces that may mostly go undetected by gamblers, but are nonetheless present around the clock. When you work in security for a casino, you'll get an opportunity to fulfill several different duties, including the following.

Monitoring Surveillance Cameras

Casinos are outfitted with countless security cameras, including those that are visible to the patrons and those that may be tougher to identify. These cameras are monitored by security officers in a command center, and this post may be an area that you find yourself in upon getting hired. You'll need to simultaneously monitor the feeds of several security cameras. Much of the job will entail watching for people who may be cheating at the games; for example, someone playing blackjack may be attempting to count cards with the help of a partner. If you identify such situations, you'll monitor them further and may then have officers on the casino floor approach the subject.

Plainclothes Patrols

Uniformed security personnel will regularly patrol throughout the casino to maintain a visual authoritative presence. What the average gambler may not know is that plainclothes security officers will also be on patrol. You may be tasked with walking around the casino masquerading as a patron. You'll be dressed in a nondescript manner and may even be holding a drink. On these patrols, you'll be keeping a watchful eye out for cheaters or those who are intoxicated and may be causing problems with other people enjoying a night out.

Verifying IDs

Minors aren't permitted into casinos, which means that these establishments typically have a security presence at the door or at the entrance to individual areas. In this role, you'll be stationed at designated areas throughout the casino to ask for guests' identification that proves their age. You'll then need to compare the photo on the ID card to the person who has given it to you, as minors will sometimes attempt to sneak into casinos using the IDs of people who may look similar to them. In such cases, part of your job will entail refusing entry to these people and escorting them off the casino property.

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