How To Add Visual Security To Your Business Identification Cards

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How To Add Visual Security To Your Business Identification Cards

How To Add Visual Security To Your Business Identification Cards

28 June 2017
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If you are in the process of creating new identification cards for the staff at your business, and security is a concern for your business, you are going to want to make sure that your identification cards include visual security elements.

#1 Holographic Foils & Images

An easy way to increase the security of your business is by adding a holographic foil or image to the card. This image can be placed on the surface of the card or it can be embedded down below the surface. One that is embedded below the surface provides extra security because it is harder to tamper with.

With holographic foils, you can keep it simple and use a standard foil from the company that is making your identification cards, such as a holographic shape. Or, you can increase the complexity of the holographic by having the company that is making your identification cards create a unique custom holographic that is just for your business.

#2 Lamination

Laminating your business identification cards has multiple benefits. To start with, laminating your identification cards will make them sturdier and more likely to last longer. This will prevent your identification cards from wearing down so quickly. Next, laminating your identification cards is another way to strengthen your cards. This will help make it more difficult for someone to copy or tamper with your cards.

#3 Magnetic Strip

If you have individual information you want stored on each identification card, adding a magnetic strip is great way to allow you to store basic information about your employees on the card. This can help you see when people swipe in and out of your business and keep track of who has access to different areas of your business. If you choose to use magnetic strips, be aware that you are also going to need to invest in magnetic strip readers.

If you want to use the magnetic strip to keep track of who goes in and out of certain areas of your business, you would need to install the strip readers at each door. You will also need to purchase computer software to keep track of the information on the card readers. This security upgrade requires additional investments in order to work properly.

#4 Photo

Finally, one of the best ways to increase the security of your identification cards is by adding a photo to them. That makes it much easier to check the card and make sure that the right person is using the appropriate card. It also makes it harder for someone to create a counterfeit card if you keep the photos of all employees on record. This will require that you have each card custom made for each employee; however, it will help increase the security of your business. 

Work with a security company, like Axios Security Consultants , for more help.

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