Techniques That Security Guards Use When On Patrol

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Techniques That Security Guards Use When On Patrol

Techniques That Security Guards Use When On Patrol

16 August 2022
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While security guards can fulfill a variety of roles, one of the most important roles they fulfill is that of the patrol. A security guard does not simply walk around but there are several techniques that a guard will use to secure your property. 

The following are some of the duties security patrol guards accomplish. 

Interacting With Visitors 

Security guards will often establish contact with people around the property and start friendly conversations. This is done so that actual guests feel welcome and is also a way for security guards to keep track of everyone who is on the property. They will also make sure that nobody is trespassing and they are trained to take note of an individual's demeanor. 

Modifying Patrol Routes 

Security guards will not patrol an area with the same pattern because it will become too easy for criminals to determine when an area will be unguarded. Some intruders stake out an area for an extended period until they can determine a security guard's route. However, if it is completely random, this is impossible.

Stopping and Observing

A guard will not simply walk around your property but will also stop periodically and observe. They will listen for any sounds that are warning signs of something amiss. These are called "forced pauses" and security guards must perform them at regular intervals.

Planning the Route

For the patrols to be effective, the security guard must plan the well in advance. The guard should not be forced to improvise and should know what to do when there is an emergency. For example, security guards are often trained in CRP and are ready to render emergency medical aid until help arrives.

Establishing Checkpoints

The checkpoints must be planned out properly so that there are no areas that are exposed to risk. They must also be placed in locations that are easy for the security guard to access. The route should also be planned out so that the guard can avoid being exposed to extreme weather.

Using the Right Equipment

Depending on how long the route is and how much ground the security guard has to cover, it might be necessary for the guards to operate vehicles while patrolling. They also rely heavily on mobile technology so they can communicate with other members of their team quickly. Security guards can also rely on patrol management software to more effectively plan their routes. Once the patrol route has been thoroughly planned, your property will be much safer.

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