A Multi-Layer Approach To Workplace Security

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A Multi-Layer Approach To Workplace Security

A Multi-Layer Approach To Workplace Security

16 March 2023
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Workplace security is an increasingly popular topic as agencies find new ways to keep their employees safe. When addressing workplace security, the best approach is to consider how you can protect employees at different stages of entering and exiting the workplace. 


The first layer of your security will be how you enforce your perimeter. There can be a fine line between creating a security barrier and making the building resemble a prison. You'll probably want to stay away from razor wire and barbed wire. These are excellent components of fencing to prevent climbing, but their aesthetic does not work well for non-prison buildings. Palisade fences are a good option because they can be made to be climb and crash-resistant. The fence can be topped with metal railings, that curve toward the outside of the fence. This form of fence topping further discourages climbing while being more aesthetic.

Part of securing your perimeter includes how people enter and exit the premises. Whether you have security gates and how many you have can be dependent on the flow of employees. If you have a lot of traffic and deliveries going through the gate, not having enough entry points can mean traffic into the premises turns into a traffic jam. One way to reduce this issue is to have at least two entry points. Having a security guard available at each gate to check IDs will likely be the fastest way to keep traffic moving. If you do not have many people entering the premises, you can probably have gate access with a special code or employee ID badges and not cause too much of a traffic standstill.

Building Access

Building access will be the next layer of your security plan. If you want an extra layer of security, you might want to have metal detectors at entrances, but this also requires security guards to monitor the detectors and check bags. Having multiple turnstile gates at the entrance is an excellent way to limit access to the building. Fortunately, many types of turnstile gates have technology features that make it easy to limit access. For example, the turnstile can be set to read fingerprints, faces, or scan the workers' badges. You should also have a backup plan in case the technology doesn't work correctly, such as a security guard who can check IDs and allow employees or visitors to enter the building.

Doors And Network

The last layer of security you need is controlling who has access to certain parts of the building and network access. Many places, such as hospitals, require employees to scan their badges to be allowed into specific areas. This type of security works well in many situations. Not only are you limiting access, but you can use the technology to monitor employees. Network security can be managed with software, making it easier to have a single area where you can adjust network access for different employees. All employees will have a username and password to access the system, but what they are capable of doing and the types of software they can use or download is controlled at the access point. Network access software can also be used to monitor employees' usage of the network. Ideally, you should have a cloud-based system for managing network access, so it can be used from various devices.

Having security features at each layer of the workplace will increase the likelihood a problem will be noticed earlier. Improved workplace security features can give your employees peace of mind whenever they're at work.

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